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What Should You Know About Dividing Your Property In Divorce?

Carlsen Law Offices, PLLC, helps people from the Tacoma area during their most contentious family law disputes, including those involving the division of marital property. Your best interests are our lawyer’s foremost consideration. Our firm provides straightforward counsel to help you achieve favorable results for your future.

Common Questions About Asset Division

Property division can be one of the most complex and contentious aspects of divorce. You may have emotional ties to specific items or simply be concerned about obtaining your fair share. We are here to advocate for your rights while answering common questions such as:

  • Am I entitled to half of everything? Washington is an equitable distribution state. Rather than dividing your property 50/50, a court will make decisions based on what is fair and equitable.
  • What will I be able to keep? The items with which you entered your marriage (separate property) will remain yours, as will inherited funds. However, the wealth and assets you and your partner acquired throughout your marriage are community property. The items subject to division may include your home, vehicles, financial accounts and retirement savings – regardless of whether they are in your name.
  • Who is responsible for our debt? Community and separate property can also include debt. The concept of fair and equitable distribution also applies to debts accumulated during your marriage. 
  • How will a court handle retirement benefits? Retirement accounts generally factor into property division proceedings. However, in cases of military divorce, your eligibility will depend upon rules specific to military law.

We understand that numerous concerns will arise as you separate the things you gained during your past. We will work tirelessly to help you get what you deserve for your future.

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