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When You Have A High-Conflict Custody Issue

These are difficult cases for everyone. If your former spouse has decided to fight every issue, refuse to compromise and behaves with unrestrained contentiousness, we can help. Our attorney is well-experienced with handing high-conflict custody litigation. We know how difficult it can be to not respond in kind and fight a pitched battle in court. But that’s not how you win these cases.

We Help You Understand How To Win

The court and judges operate by rules, both legal/procedural and behavioral. While attempting to use the legal process as a weapon to “get even” during a custody dispute may seem tempting, it is a good way to lose custody of your children.

At Carlsen Law Offices, PLLC, our attorney is experienced at dealing with these tactics. We know that in these types of cases, you win by behaving in a manner beyond reproach and with meticulous, detailed arguments, marshaling indisputable facts that demonstrate that granting you custody is in the best interests of your child. It is also important to prove to a judge that you follow the rules and orders of the court.

Don’t Let The Other Side Push Your Buttons

We know the urge to lash out is strong. Your child’s other parent may know you very well and know how to “push your buttons.” We help educate our clients on how to deal with this and how to recognize these tactics.

By playing by the rules, you make it easy for the judge to rule in your favor. We explain the reality of courtroom procedure in a straightforward and clear fashion. If you behave in a manner that violates the acceptable norms of the court, your success is likely to be limited.

One Wins By Being The Adult In The Room

The governing principle of a Washington court when dealing with child custody issues is “the best interests of the child.” You will obtain the best possible custody and visitation order from a court by showing that you are an adult, you play by the rules and you can best raise your children.

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