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Navigating Financial Support Issues

When one household becomes two, everyone involved faces different financial circumstances than they are accustomed to. In such a situation, it is often necessary for one party to provide another financial support to care for a child or to help the receiving party adjust to the new reality.

If you are seeking financial support in relation to a divorce or other family law matter, or if someone is seeking support from you, Carlsen Law Offices, PLLC, in Tacoma is here to offer knowledgeable advice and effective advocacy. We are a trusted source of family law representation for clients in Tacoma and throughout surrounding Washington communities.

Types Of Support

Under Washington family law statutes, the following types of financial support are available:

  • Child support: When parents divorce or unmarried parents separate, both remain responsible for the care and well-being of minor children. Child support is determined by a set of guidelines that include the number of children, the income of each parent and the cost of day care, health insurance and other expenses. The overriding concern in child support cases and modifications is in protecting the best interests of the children involved.
  • Spousal support: Spousal support, also known as alimony, is often awarded on a temporary basis while the divorce is pending. Less common is long-term alimony, which can last for several years. Factors that determine alimony include the length of the marriage, the income, age and health of each party and the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage.
  • Partner support: For those dissolving a domestic partnership, parter support functions as the equivalent of spousal support.
  • Support arrears: Unpaid support can leave the receiving party in financial peril. If a party has failed to meet his or her support obligations, you may seek relief through an enforcement action.

Whether you are seeking support or it is being sought from you, financial support issues will play a large role in shaping your financial future. Our law firm is here to make sure you are treated fairly and that your financial interests are protected.

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