Guiding You Through Family Law Issues With Experience & Compassion

We Guide You Through Any Family Transition

When your family is going through change, you have a lot to think about. You probably worry about the future and have concerns about the best way to proceed. You need an advocate who is experienced, honest and ready to fight for you.

At Carlsen Law Offices, we take the time to listen to you. Our attorney will create a specific strategy that is tailored to your unique circumstances. With cutting-edge litigation skills, a background in social work and personal experience with family law proceedings, our staff is equipped to guide you.

Offering Comprehensive Services In The Area Of Family Law

From start to finish, we will work as your ally and advocate to achieve your goals. We work with you regarding all aspects of Washington divorce processes, including:

  • Financial orders: We will answer all your questions regarding child support and spousal support order.
  • Child custody and visitation: We understand that your relationship with your children is of the utmost importance. We are skilled in resolving high-conflict child custody matters.
  • Property division: We know that dividing assets and debts can be confusing and daunting. We will answer your questions and pursue your interests.
  • Order adjustments and implementation: If an order is currently in place, we can aid you in pursuing modifications to current terms or enforcement of those terms.
  • Military divorce: Divorce processes and rules for families involving service members can be complex. We have immense experience in this arena and are here for you.

If you have already gone through divorce proceedings and have interests in appealing a ruling, we can help you determine the basis of your appeal and present the challenge to the appellate court.

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We would like to hear about your family’s current state. Call our Tacoma office at 253-215-4668 or complete our email form to get started. If you are going through a divorce, would like to appeal a ruling or have concerns about a current order, we can assist you.