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What Happens If You Disagree With A Court’s Decision?

Many Tacoma couples question a court’s decisions regarding divorce and other family law matters. Though each situation is unique, you may share some common concerns about what you can do to address a legal order you do not agree with.

Carlsen Law Offices, PLLC, provides compassionate support for complex family law matters, and we have the experience necessary to help you achieve your desired results. When a court makes a decision that deeply affects you and your family, and you do not agree with the court’s decision, our attorneys can help you explore the possibility of filing an appeal.

Common Questions About Filing A Family Law Appeal

We know how appealing a Washington court’s opinion can make a tremendous difference in your future. With our team’s experience in social work and with the military, we fight tirelessly to get you the outcome you desire.

Our experienced attorney can answer appeals questions such as:

  • What is an appellate court? A court of appeals, or appellate court, can review your case after a judgment is issued in a lower court. Depending on the circumstances involved, an appellate court may modify or reverse the terms of your divorce.
  • Can you appeal your divorce decree? Family courts often work toward reaching agreeable terms for divorcing couples, so appeals are rare. However, if a court made an error in determining your financial support, child custody arrangement, property division or other family law matter, you have the right to file an appeal.
  • What happens after you file an appeal? After a court issues your divorce decree, you have 30 days to submit a written argument to support your request. Upon review, the appellate court will determine whether to rule based on your written statement or hear your case in person.

Appealing a court order can feel threatening, overwhelming and confusing. Therefore, working with an experienced appellate law attorney can ease your mind and allow you a say in your future.

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