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Skilled Handling Of Family Law Appeals

Family law appeals are a special area. Because many issues in a family law case are factual, appeals tend to be rare. But when circumstances make it necessary to appeal a ruling of a trial court on a family law matter, you want your appellate attorney to fully understand the background for the appeal. Our attorney at Carlsen Law Offices, PLLC, is particularly adept at handling appeals of family law matters, especially when we have represented the client in the trial court.

Your Attorney Must Preserve The Objections

There are many challenges with appeals, and preservation of objections and judges’ discretion are among them. To appeal an issue, your attorney first must object during the trial to preserve the objection. Our attorney is an experienced trial attorney in addition to being skilled at appellate work. This allows us to properly plan for appeals during the trial phase of the case. We understand the importance of preserving objections to errors by correctly objecting during the trial. If your trial attorney fails to properly object to a decision by the judge, that issue cannot be first raised during an appeal and is lost.

A Judge’s Discretion

A trial judge in Washington is granted broad discretionary power to make decisions during a trial. The judge can view the demeanor and behavior of witnesses and sees the evidence and parties directly, allowing them, it is hoped, to make accurate judgments of law and fact during the trial. It may be possible to object to rulings because the judge “abused” his or her discretion, and our appellate attorney is skilled at developing these arguments on appeal.

For Challenging, Difficult Cases

When you have a difficult case, you may need to appeal. Our lawyer is skilled both at family law trial advocacy and with appellate work for family law matters. This makes our firm a great choice when you know your divorce is going to have novel legal arguments or issues where the law is unsettled.

Our attorney has handled numerous appellate issues and is familiar with the types of questions that can become an appellate issue during a trial. We can examine your case from the onset and explain areas where it may be strategically necessary to plan on an appeal. We provide this information as soon as it becomes clear to enable you to make informed decisions on the direction of your case.

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