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Divorce can be disorienting. You may be upset and confused. We understand, and you don't have to do it yourself. Our attorney at Carlsen Law Offices, PLLC, provides the legal counsel and guidance you need to protect your rights and reach your goals.

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A Law Firm For Challenging Family Law Cases

Divorce is a legal procedure. It legally dissolves a marriage and allocates property and custody rights of the parents and children. Sometimes a couple will recognize their marriage is over and will efficiently proceed to end their marriage partnership. If they have children, they also must make plans to deal with each other as parents of their children until those children become adults.

Experienced Family Law Representation

This can be done cost-effectively or it can be done as a contentious, difficult battle. The choice is yours or your partner's. At Carlsen Law Offices, PLLC, we can help, whatever your situation. We always recommend you adopt a goal of cooperation and truly take to heart the ideal of working toward your children's best interest. If both parents have this attitude, great. But we can also help with effective strategies if you are forced to deal with an uncooperative spouse.

Special Concerns For Military Family Law Matters

Military family law is different. With all the inherent complexities of the Washington civil family law courts, there is overlaid the addition of military rules and procedures that can affect many parts of divorce proceeding.

There are special rules for serving papers, and if parties are deployed overseas, this can be challenging. Pay, health care and division of retirement must be done with a careful understanding of military pay and benefits.

Custody and visitation rights for children can be especially complex. While joint or shared custody may be possible, for servicemembers who face regular overseas deployment or extended training missions, care must be taken to frame arguments for custody in light of the reality of that individual's service demands. We have worked with many families in this circumstance and provide experienced representation.

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Family law issues, whether divorce, custody or child support, can be emotional and legally complex. Our lawyer can begin to help you right away, from explaining the law to protecting your interests in court. Call our Tacoma office at 253-215-4668 or use our online form.